I specialize in individual therapy for adults that overuse alcohol and drugs. Below you can find information about my philosophy for changing unhealthy habits. I explain the process I engage in to asses whether or not a behavior is getting out of hand. I also provide information about the treatment I offer to address alcohol and drug use that has become problematic.

As the journey through change is strenuous, here is an inspirational video that you may want to share with your family and friends.



Most people feel torn and ambivalent about changing – that’s normal! Despite the problems a specific behavior has brought on, there are many reasons that explain your choices. Even bad habits have benefits and rewards.

Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and gambling have the potential to become problematic and/or addictive. They may result in a loss of control and lead to negative consequences. They may interfere with your work and your daily responsibilities. They may cause health problems. They may also interfere with your relationships and contribute to conflicts with your family and friends.

Many substances and activities have the potential to become problematic. Internet use, video games, pain medication, pornography, food, and shopping can become excessive and lead to negative consequences.

My experience in working with individuals who struggle with addiction has taught me the importance of understanding people’s motivation for change versus the status quo. I use a technique called Motivational Interviewing (MI) to help you make informed choices by exploring what is important to you. We look at your actions and make sure that they are aligned with your values and what you care about. I embrace the spirit of this approach which is collaborative, non-judgmental, compassionate, accepting, evocative, empowering, authentic and respectful.

To help you make a decision whether you should make a change or not, we discuss 3 main questions:

  • Why is this change important to you?
  • What makes you feel confident that you can make the change?
  • Is this the right time for a change? 

Motivational Interviewing uses different strategies and techniques to enhance motivation to change. A simple, yet effective and enlightening technique is a “pros and cons” exercise. It is important to recognize not only the negative consequences of a particular behavior, but also what it brings you. It’s important to validate what you might lose if you change. As an objective observer, I might see and point out factors that you have overlooked. In addition, I will provide you with objective feedback and share relevant scientific information.
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“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.”                          – Brené Brown


Marie-Caroline Beaudoin, LPC

MA Counseling Psychology